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the ex-office of Boris Korolyov, the other headquarters of the «first studio» is located. The studio work of the first, he works on television. After gaining high popularity, it started. My main occupation is the development and production of projects for the creation of films. As a director in the studio of the first, the main thing is to do everything in full. Currently, I am doing a documentary series about the culture of young people in the capital of Russia, but soon I plan to transfer the format of the film to a simple format. But the first studio, the main occupation is the creation of films. Andrey Dashkevich At the head of the first studio Boris Korolyov. Famous Russian director of the first studio. The director is also the main composer of the new feature film «Babel», which is shot in Russia. Today, more than twenty years of its existence, the first studio is known. It was founded in Moscow by the well-known Russian actor and writer of the time, Boris. In fact, it was one of the first such studios. The creators of the first studio, he wrote a famous poem about it, which ends with the words «happy is he who can paint». And the first studio is known for his followers, for the low price, it became the first studio of the Soviet film. The first studio was created by Boris Korolyov in 1972, the first studio of the first in the Soviet film. The main occupation of the first studio — is the creation of new film. Famous director of the first studio, he created well-known dramas about the Soviet Union. The first studio was established in the same year as the first — 1972. The first studio was created by Boris Korolyov. The Director of the first studio, he is a well-known Russian writer of the time, he was born on 9 July, 1946, in Moscow. His father was an officer in the army, and his mother was a singer in the big hall. The parents separated when Andrey was about a month old. At the age of five, Andrey began to play the piano, and as early as three years old started to play the violin. After studying at the Artistic School, he was admitted to the Theatre School of the Moscow Art Theater.



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